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Newport County Youth Rugby Football Club uses the USA Rugby youth rugby laws and guidelines. These are rugby laws which have been created and implemented to make the game safe and enjoyable for youth of all ages as well as offer a developmental pathway to full contact rugby.

Law Variations based on age group for the various tackle age groups can be downloaded at www.usarugby.org

All players must have their CIPP prior to playing any match.

Coaches will use the Competition Management System to create match reports, report scores, and keep their team contact information up-to-date.


Age eligibility for the current youth rugby season starting in September 2015, ages are determined by the age and grade the player was September 1st of this year.

E.g. U12 - the player was 12 or younger before Sept 1st 2015.

Age/grade categories for boys & girls are:

U8 2nd & 3rd grade, U10 4th & 5th grade, U12 6th & 7th grade, U14 8th grade, U16 HS Freshmen, Jr. Varsity, U19 HS Varsity


Law Variations can found at www.usarugby.org/youthhighschool/rookierugby7s.


Substitutions for U12 & U14 Boys For the 2015 season at the Boys U12 & U14 divisions, we have introduced a variation of the substitution law:

Each team can substitute up to two front row players (or three if they have three suitably-trained front row replacements) and up to five other players (for a total of seven or eight) PER HALF.

Substitutions may only be made when the ball is dead and with the permission of the referee.

The following provisions would be in effect:

a) In either half, once a player is replaced he cannot return that half.

b) A player who was replaced in the first half MAY play again in the second half.

c) Rosters would still be capped at 22 (with 2 suitably-trained front-row replacements) or 23 (with 3 suitably-trained front-row replacements).

Youth Non-Contact Rugby in Rhode Island starts as early as preschool and develops the basic rugby skills before full contact is introduced. Youth non-contact rugby is usually played as 7 a side rugby.


U8 Rugby is non-contact touch or flag with teams of ten playing 7 at a time.

U10 & U12 Rugby introduces tackling with teams playing rugby with 7-12 players on the field.

Girls are allowed to play U10, U12 & 8th grade tackle rugby with boys.

U14 Girls play with 7 players on the field. U16 Girls 7-15 players.

U14 & U16 Boys 7-15 a side

Girls are NOT allowed to play U14 (and older) tackle rugby with boys.

HS Boys, HS Girls Rugby 7-15 sidrugby.y.




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