Island Rugby Football Club for High School and Middle School Boys and Girl's "TRY" 7's Rugby!

This Summer!!! 

2015 - U19 Frederick Henry Prince Memorial Fund @ Newport Hospital Team


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Our Island Rugby Football Club is now inviting all young men and young ladies age 13-18 living in or near Rhode Island to "TRY" the fast paced, exciting sport of Rugby!!!

"We have the BEST fields to run on in all of USA ... "TRY" Rugby Today!" Volunteer assistants are needed 4-6 hrs per week to accommodate more age groups, and girl's programs in the future. Please contact us if you are interested and available. Thank you!

Rugby is a sport for children of all shapes and sizes. We teach kids the proper techniques and body positions to help promote safety in the contact areas. Rugby is all inclusive and everyone is encouraged to run with the ball.  Participants also learn teamwork and one on one defense when the opposition has the ball. Rugby instills skills, discipline, fitness, respect for others, camaraderie and sportsmanship. All while the kids are running, thinking, kicking, yelling and having fun. "Just pick it up and run with it," Island Rugby.   

"You play rugby, how you practice rugby." No practice, poor results.

Practice Tues & Thurs 6-8pm in front of Middletown High School ~ 130 Valley Road, Middletown, RI

U15 boys' - "Safe intro to full contact rugby" 13-14 yr old boys

U17 Boys' - "Full Contact Rugby" 15-16 yr young men

U19 Boys' - "Full Contact Rugby" 17-18 yr young men


U15 girls' - "Safe intro to full contact rugby" 13-14 yr old girls

U19 Girls'- "girls safely learning full contact rugby" 15-18 yr young ladies

We train participants prior to any contact situations and we keep them with their own age group and ability. All rugby players are required to wear a mouth guard, shorts and safety approved rugby cleats for outdoor sessions which can be aquired at Rugby Imports in East Providence, RI or

We accept New IR Player Applications all season {See Sign-up 2015}

Sign-up today or contact your Newport County YRFC representative for more information:

Chris Gray - Coach/Admin              Phone: 401-639-4901                                    E-mail to:

Vasga Tilo - Coach/Mentor            Phone: 540-388-6648                                   E-mail to: 

A very special thanks to the Frederick Henry Prince Memorial Fund at Newport Hospital for their kind support in 2014 and 2015!!